Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dad planted 6 young trees(Cupressus macrocarpa, Monterey Cypress) in our backyard. When they grow, my hope for the Lord's return will also grow.
It is a quick growing, triangular shaped plant. The leaves are blunt, scalelike, bright green colore and usually without gland-dot. The barkis is...

Monday, February 13, 2012

I planted many trees in my backyard, past years and this year too. I will do the same thing in the coming years if space permits. It is my belief that we should go on our life while earnestly awaiting Lord's imminent Return to earth to rule as King of kings and Lord of lords in His righteousness and peace.

Confession of Faith

Someone wrote this beautiful confession of faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Lord
The greatest man in History, Jesus, had no servants, yet they called Him Master,
Had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher,
Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer,
Had no army, yet kings feared Him, won no military battles, yet He conquered the world,
Committed no crime, yet they crucified Him.
He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Waking Me Up at Dawn

There should be an appropriate time observance for us to follow, for example, time to sleep for a next day and time to awake for a new day, time to amuse and time to be in sobriety, and time to love something and time to hate something we do. I think NOW is the time to awake from a long overnight sleep, from a lazy spiritual life style. I'm talking about myself first of all and wish to tell everybody(my children, siblings and friends who know me) that NOW IS THE TIME TO AWAKE IN THE DAWN BECAUSE THE BRIGHT MORNING STAR, THAT IS CHRIST HIMSELF WILL SHINE FORTH IN OUR HERAT BEACONING HIS IMMINENT RETURN TO EARTH TO RULE THE EARTH AS KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS. I'll do my best to awake myself up fully first and let you know what I understood from the Word of God when our Counselor, God the Holy Spirit illuminates me about the truth of the Lord Jesus in His Person, Work and Plans in this critical time of the last ages.
Family and Friends, read the following for your day start;

We all have times when we wake up in the morning and feel the blahs and blues; we don’t feel very excited. But just because we feel those emotions doesn’t mean we have to stay there and give in to them; we can shake it off and move forward in faith relying on God’s strength.

Today, decide not to live by how you feel. Go deeper than that and start living by what you know. You know God is in control. You know He’s got a great plan for your life. You know His power is greater than any other power. When you wake up and those old negative, discouraging thoughts and feelings come, shake them off. Be done with that roller coaster living. Don’t give into your emotions and let them keep you from God’s blessings and promotion. Start choosing to live each day in God’s peace. Decide that you’re going to have a great day. By doing so, you will see God work in your life in greater ways because your eyes are fixed toward Him instead of your situation, and you’ll live the life of victory He has in store for you!
Joel Osteen