Friday, February 10, 2012

Waking Me Up at Dawn

There should be an appropriate time observance for us to follow, for example, time to sleep for a next day and time to awake for a new day, time to amuse and time to be in sobriety, and time to love something and time to hate something we do. I think NOW is the time to awake from a long overnight sleep, from a lazy spiritual life style. I'm talking about myself first of all and wish to tell everybody(my children, siblings and friends who know me) that NOW IS THE TIME TO AWAKE IN THE DAWN BECAUSE THE BRIGHT MORNING STAR, THAT IS CHRIST HIMSELF WILL SHINE FORTH IN OUR HERAT BEACONING HIS IMMINENT RETURN TO EARTH TO RULE THE EARTH AS KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS. I'll do my best to awake myself up fully first and let you know what I understood from the Word of God when our Counselor, God the Holy Spirit illuminates me about the truth of the Lord Jesus in His Person, Work and Plans in this critical time of the last ages.

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