Monday, March 26, 2012

The Creation of man

Where does the man come from, I mean, all humanity whether male or female persons? Are we all the children of "Lucy" a legendary ape-like woman whom the evolutionists believe to be a proto-type human lived many millions ago somewhere in Africa? The final authority over this controversy is the Word of Creator God. Genesis 1:26 says that God created man in His own image and likeness. We all believe that God is Spirit and has no physical body, that's ture to the Bible. But it doesn't exclude the belief that God has a form, image and likeness. God is not only ethereal being but also real person who has an essence of existence which can be described in form, image and likeness, but nothing like that of the created beings. Who has borne the image of the invisible God after which we were all ceated? The Bible tells that Christ is the "IMAGE OF GOD'. Just as we have borne the image of Adam, a living soul, we shall bear the image of the Heavenly one, Jesus Christ, the life-giving Spirit when He returns. This kind of belief makes me hold the utmost high view of myself and fellow human beings. Also we can find the ultimate reason for our existence as human being. It's only found in the Image of God, Jesus Christ our Lord. I am so special and unique because I was made in the image of Adam(= my Korean mom and dad) when I was born 60 years ago, and I was born again in the image of Christ 40 years ago. There is no other me on earth! There is no other Ock, Lois, Moses-Anna, Daniel, Rachel and my sisters and brothers because they are born in the Image of Christ, the Image of God. That's all I can say today, my family and friends!

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