Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mystery of Christ

Great is the Mystery of Christ! We know that Adam, the first man ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden because Eve("chavah" - mother of all life)gave him the fruit and Adam ate with no resistance(He told Eve they should not eat it because God said so). And many believe that if Adam had not eaten the fruit of the tree, humanity would not have fallen into sinning against God. It may be true! The result of this one-time act of eating the fruit brought us condemnation and judgment of God upon all humanity -Death for all! Why do you think Adam ate it from the hand of Eve? It's because Adam wanted to die together with Eve rather than avoiding God's judgment alone by not eating of it. He wanted to go to Hell with Eve rather surviving alone without Eve. For Adam, Eve was everything. She was a "bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh" (Genesis 2:23). He loved Eve more than he loved himself. Rather than living alone in the Garden of Eden, Adam chose to die with her. Can we call him a man of stupidity? No we can not. Here is the great mystery of this incident, by which the Apostle Paul wanted to juxtapose for comparison with the sacrificial, voluntary, vicarious death of Christ on the cross to die for His Bride, the Church which came into being from His wounded side as if Eve came out of Adam's side while sleeping. Christ was the second Adam who chose to die for the sinners and He descended to the lowest grave. He has taken the captives bound by the power of death free there and ascended with them to the utmost highest place in Heaven! The apostle Paul told us, "Husband, love your wife as Christ loved us and gave Himself for His Church (the Bride of the Lamb of God)" in Ephesians 5, I think. Do you love and sacrifice yourself for your wife, husbands? It's God's command, you folks.

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