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I like Praise and Worship Music from Maranatha! Music. When its ‘Top 40 Praise and Worship: Vol. 2’ hits the stores, I plan to purchase them.


Above All
All Things Are Possible
Be Glorified
Be Lifted Up
Be Still And Know
Blessed Be Your Name
Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?
Eternal Wonderful God
Falling In Love With Jesus
Father Of Life
For Your Glory
Grace Alone
Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)
He Lives
Holy Is The Lord
How Deep The Father’s Love For Us
How Great Is Our God
How Great Is Your Love
How Great You Are
I Believe, I Believe
I Have A Hope
I See The Lord
I Stand In Awe
I Will Not Be Shaken
I Will Rise Up
I Will Sing
In That Day
Let All The World Sing Praises
Let My Words Be Few
Let The River Flow
More Of Your Glory
No Higher Calling
Shout It Out
True Worship Song
We Believe
Who Is Like The Lord
With All My Heart
You Are My Refuge
You Are My Treasure
Your Love Oh Lord

I will explain what ‘Maranatha’ means from the Bible.


The Apostle Paul closes his letter to the Corinthian Church in 1 Corinthians 16:22;

“If anyone does not love the Lord--a curse be on him. Come, O Lord1”

εἴ τις οὐ φιλεῖ τὸν Κύριον Ἰησοῦν Χριστόν, ἤτω ἀνάθεμα. μαρὰν ἀθᾶ.


Anathema(ἀνάθεμα:a thing devoted to God; a curse, the thing cursed. Original word is ἀνατίθημι  - I lay a case before, impart, communicate, relate)

Maranatha -  an Aramaic term derived from two roots which literally mean, "Our Lord has come" (the Chaldean(Babylonian) words אֲתָה מָרָנָא, i. e. our Lord cometh or will come: perfect tense in Aramaic, emphasizing the lingering results involved).

This is a most solemn close of the whole epistle. It was designed to direct them to the great and essential matter of religion, the love of the Lord Jesus.

Let him be anathema - The word properly means accursed, or devoted to destruction; and the idea here is, that he who did not believe in the Lord Jesus, and love him, would be, and ought to be, devoted to destruction, or accursed of God. It expresses what ought to be done; it expresses a truth in regard to God's dealings, not the desire of the apostle Paul himself.

Maranatha-Syriac for, “the Lord cometh.” A motto or watchword to urge them to preparedness for the Lord's coming; as in Philippians 4:5, “The Lord is at hand.”

It appears to be a Greek equivalent of this acclamation in Book of Revelation 22:20 “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!”

Dear readers, you are now in the Blog titled, “Amen! Come, Lord Jesus.” Maranatha!

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