Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birth of Cain

Genesis 4:1NIV

“Adam lay with his wife Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain. She said, "With the help of the LORD I have brought forth a man."


Hebrew Text

קָנִ֥יתִי אִ֖ישׁ אֶת־יְהוָֽה׃

Literal Translation: אֶת־יְהוָֽה׃ - Either preposition ‘from’ or Accusative marker

I have gotten a man from Jehovah  : Preposition ‘from’

It is very likely that she meant no more than to acknowledge that it was through God’s peculiar blessing that she was enabled to conceive and bring forth a son, and that she had now a well-grounded hope that the race of man should be continued on the earth.

I have gotten a man Jehovah :  Accusative Marker

Unless she had been under Divine inspiration she could not have called her son (even supposing him to be the Promised Seed) Jehovah; and that she was not under such an influence her mistake sufficiently proves, for Cain, so far from being the Messiah, was of the wicked one; 1 John 3:12.

The Promised Seed that should break the serpents head; by which it would appear, that she took that seed to be a Divine Person, the True God, even Jehovah, that should become man; though she must have been ignorant of the mystery of His incarnation, or of His taking flesh of a virgin.


Suggestive Comment

We may therefore suppose that את היוה eth Yehovah, is an elliptical form of expression for מאת יהוה meeth Yehovah, From Jehovah, or through the Divine blessing.

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