Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sowing The Wind And Reaping The Whirlwind

Hosea 8:1-14 NIV

1“Put the trumpet to your lips!
An eagle is over The House of The LORD
because the people have broken MY Covenant
and rebelled against MY Law.
2Israel cries out to ME,
‘Our GOD, we acknowledge YOU!’
3But Israel has rejected what is good;
an enemy will pursue him.
4They set up kings without MY Consent;
they choose princes without MY Approval.
With their silver and gold
they make idols for themselves
to their own destruction.
5Samaria, throw out your calf-idol!
MY Anger Burns Against them.
How long will they be incapable of purity?
6They are from Israel!
This calf—a metalworker has made it;
it is not GOD.
It will be broken in pieces,
that calf of Samaria.

7“They sow the wind

and reap the whirlwind.

The stalk has no head;
it will produce no flour.
Were it to yield grain,
foreigners would swallow it up.
8Israel is swallowed up;
now she is among the nations
like something no one wants.
9For they have gone up to Assyria
like a wild donkey wandering alone.
Ephraim has sold herself to lovers.
10Although they have sold themselves among the nations,
I Will Now Gather them together.
They will begin to waste away
under the oppression of the mighty king.
11“Though Ephraim built many altars for sin offerings,
these have become altars for sinning.

12 I wrote for them the many things of MY Law,
but they regarded them as something foreign.

13Though they offer sacrifices as gifts to ME,
and though they eat the meat,
The LORD Is Not Pleased With them.
Now HE Will Remember their wickedness
and Punish their sins:
They will return to Egypt.
14Israel has forgotten their MAKER
and built palaces;

Judah has fortified many towns.
But I Will Send fire on their cities
that will consume their fortresses.”

This chapter treats of the sins and punishment of Israel for them, as the preceding; it is threatened and proclaimed that an enemy should come swiftly against them, because of their transgression of the Covenant and Law of GOD, Hosea 8:1.

Their hypocrisy is exposed, Hosea 8:2; they are charged with the rejection of that which is good, and therefore should be pursued by the enemy, Hosea 8:3; with setting up kings and princes without consulting The LORD, Hosea 8:4; and with making of idols, particularly the golden calves, which would be of no use to them, disappoint them, and at last be broken to pieces, Hosea 8:4; their seeking to their neighbors for help, and entering into alliances with them, are represented as vain and fruitless, and issuing in their ruin and destruction, Hosea 8:7.

Their sins of multiplying altars, contrary to the Law of GOD, and in contempt of it, and offering sacrifices to The LORD, are observed; and they with a visitation from HIM, Hosea 8:11; and the chapter is concluded with some notice and Judah, the one building palaces, and multiplying fenced cities, which should be consumed by fire, Hosea 8:14.

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