Friday, June 10, 2016

Let Us Kneel Before JESUS Our MAKER

Psalm 95

1 Come, let us sing for joy To The LORD;

let us shout aloud To The ROCK of our Salvation.

2Let us come Before HIM with Thanksgiving
and Extol HIM with music and song.
3For The LORD Is The Great GOD,
The GREAT KING above all gods.
4In HIS Hand are the depths of the earth,
and the mountain peaks belong to HIM.
5The sea is HIS, for HE Made it,
and HIS Hands Formed the dry land.
6Come, let us bow down in worship,
let us kneel Before The LORD our MAKER;

7for HE Is our GOD
and we are the people of HIS Pasture,
the flock under HIS Care.

Today, if only you would hear HIS Voice,

8“Do not harden your hearts as you did at Meribah,

as you did that day at Massah in the wilderness,

9where your ancestors tested ME;

they tried ME, though they had seen What I Did.

10For forty years I Was Angry With that generation;

I Said, ‘They are a people whose hearts go astray,

and they have not known MY Ways.’

11So I Declared On Oath in MY Anger,

‘They shall never enter MY Rest.’ ”

Psalm 95

Come, let us sing for joy To The LORD - To JESUS The MESSIAH, The LORD our Righteousness in songs of praise, the Glory of HIS Person, the Riches of HIS Grace, and our thankfulness to HIM for spiritual Mercies by HIM: CHRIST Is To Be the Subject of our spiritual songs, and Is the Person to WHOSE Honor and Glory they should be directed.  

In the New Testament we are instructed to sing unto HIM, The LORD JESUS CHRIST. 

“Speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from The SPIRIT. Sing and make music from your heart To The LORD”

Let us make a joyful noise to the ROCK of our Salvation; to CHRIST, The ROCK, 1 Corinthians 10:4, a ROCK, for Height, being higher than the saints, than the kings of the earth, than the angels in heaven, than the heavens themselves; for Strength, being The Mighty GOD, and Mighty SAVIOR; for Shelter, being the saints security from avenging justice and wrath to come: a ROCK, on which the church and all believers are built, and which endures forever; "the ROCK of Salvation", being the author of spiritual and eternal salvation, and the strength and security of it; not only Is HE Strong To Do it, but, Being Done by HIM, it is safe in HIM; therefore shouts of joy and songs of praise are due unto HIM. This shows that vocal singing is meant, singing with a harmonious and musical voice; and that social singing, or singing in concert together, is intended. The Septuagint(LXX, Old Testament in Greek) renders it, “to GOD our SAVIOR”, Luke 1:47.

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