Monday, June 20, 2016

Persecution of Church of CHRIST Prophesied

Psalm 129

A song of ascents.

1“They have greatly oppressed me from my youth,”
let Israel say;
2“they have greatly oppressed me from my youth,
but they have not gained the victory over me.
3Plowmen have plowed my back
and made their furrows long.

4But The LORD Is Righteous;
HE Has Cut me free from the cords of the wicked.”
5May all who hate Zion
be turned back in shame.
6May they be like grass on the roof,
which withers before it can grow;
7a reaper cannot fill his hands with it,
nor one who gathers fill his arms.
8May those who pass by not say to them,
“The Blessing of The LORD Be on you;
we bless you in The Name of The LORD.”


The church of GOD, in its several ages, is here spoken as one single person, now old and gray-headed, but calling to remembrance the former days, and reflecting upon the times of old.

And, upon the review, it is found,

1. That GOD'S church has been often greatly distressed by its enemies on earth: Israel may now say, "I am the people that has been oppressed more than any people, that has been as a speckled bird, pecked at by all the birds round about," Jeremiah 12:9.   It is true, they brought their troubles upon themselves by their sins; it was for them that GOD Punished them; but it was for the peculiarity of their covenant, and the singularities of their religion, that their neighbors hated and persecuted them.

2. That GOD'S church has been always graciously delivered. CHRIST Has Built HIS church upon a ROCK. And The LORD Has many ways of disabling wicked men from doing the mischief they design against HIS Church. The LORD Is Righteous in not allowing the church to be ruined; HE Has Promised to preserve a people to HIMSELF.

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