Thursday, January 25, 2018


Psalm 23 NIV

A psalm of David.

1The LORD Is my SHEPHERD, I lack 


2HE Makes me lie down in green pastures,
HE Leads me beside quiet waters,

3HE Refreshes my soul.
HE Guides me along the right paths
For HIS Name’s Sake.

4Even though I walk
through the darkest valley,a
I will fear no evil,
For YOU Are With me;
YOUR Rod and YOUR Staff,
They Comfort me.

5YOU Prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
YOU Anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.

6Surely YOUR Goodness and Love Will Follow me
all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in The House of The LORD

                           Psalm 23                         


 What condescension is this! 
The Infinite GOD JEHOVAH Assumes towards HIS people the office and character of a Shepherd!

It should be the subject of grateful admiration that The Great GOD Allows HIMSELF to be compared to anything which will set forth HIS Great Love and Care for HIS OWN people. David had himself been a keeper of sheep, and understood both the needs of the sheep and the many cares of a shepherd. He compares himself to a creature weak, defenseless, and foolish, and he takes GOD to be his Provider, Preserver, Director, and, indeed, his everything.

No man has a right to consider himself the Lord's sheep unless his nature has been renewed, for the scriptural description of unconverted men does not picture them as sheep, but as wolves or goats. A sheep is an object of property, not a wild animal; its owner sets great store by it, and frequently it is bought with a great price.

It is well to know, as certainly as David did, that we belong To The LORD. There is a noble tone of confidence about this sentence – “The LORD Is my SHEPHERD.” We must cultivate the spirit of assured dependence upon our Heavenly FATHER. The sweetest word of the whole is that monosyllable, "My." He does not say, “The LORD Is the Shepherd of the world at large, and leads forth the multitude as HIS flock,” but “The LORD Is my SHEPHERD;” if HE Be a SHEPHERD to no one else, HE Is a SHEPHERD to me; HE Cares For me, Watches Over me, and Preserves me. The words are in the present tense. Whatever be the believer's position, he is even now under the Pastoral Care of JEHOVAH.

JESUS, The GOOD SHEPHERD (ὁ ποιμὴν ὁ 



“I AM The GOOD SHEPHERD. The GOOD SHEPHERD Lays Down HIS Life for the sheep.” (John 10:11)

A SHEPHERD of HIS FATHER'S Appointing, Calling, and Sending, to whom the care of all HIS sheep; The SON WHO Was Set Up as a SHEPHERD Over them by The FATHER, and Was Entrusted with them; and WHO Being Called, Undertook to Feed them; and Being Promised, Was Sent unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel; and under the character of a SHEPHERD, Died For them, and Rose Again, and Is Accountable To HIS FATHER for every one of them; The SHEPHERD, The Great and Chief SHEPHERD, the Famous ONE, so often spoken and prophesied of, Genesis 49:24.

HE Is The GOOD SHEPHERD; as appears in HIS Providing good pasture, and a good fold for HIS sheep; in Protecting them from their enemies; in Healing all their diseases; in Restoring their souls when strayed from HIM; in Watching Over them in the night seasons, lest any hurt them; in Searching for them, when they have been driven, or scattered in the dark and cloudy day; in Caring for them, so that HE Lose none of them.

The GOOD SHEPHERD Gives HIS Life for the sheep: not only exposes it to danger, as David did his, for the sake of his father's flock, but gives it away freely and voluntarily, for the sake of the sheep; in their stead, as a ransom for them, that they may be delivered from death, and might have eternal life.


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