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Witnessing JESUS CHRIST with our faltering lips

The following article is very helpful for us to gain a better understanding why Moses complained about his faltering lips when speaking to Pharaoh when he was commissiosned to do so by GOD. (All words used with GOD have been capitalized by the blogger to honor HIM.)

Witnessing with Faltering Lips

Exodus 6 was one of the tougher readings because it feels like a reiteration of previous passages and previous ideas (the listing of the sons of Israel's tribe leaders). On one hand it's not the best thing to always be looking for something new in scripture. But at the same time GOD'S Word Is Never Failing and Is Eternally Rich, with the lessons we should take form it. So I think this passage speaks of faltering lips and how that pertains to witnessing.

So I think this passage highlights several key points to be considered:

1. What does Moses mean when he said faltering lips?
2. Why does Moses feel that way?
3. How does GOD Respond to us when we feel like our witnessing is like so?

The first question is answered by looking at what Moses asks of GOD and his accusations against HIM. To understand this, we have to go back to Moses' meeting with GOD at the burning bush. From that point to this, Moses has done one thing: he has obeyed GOD (even with reluctance) to proclaim GOD'S Message. Faltering lips in this context is the lack of GOD, or lack of feeling that GOD'S Favor in his words. You can make an argument that this is the case because the very grievance he has against GOD is the lack of results in his words. He complains to GOD that pharaoh didn't listen and that the Israelites were not moved after he did exactly as GOD Told him.

The second point is touched upon earlier. The reason for faltering lips is the belief that because what we said did not bear fruit or had no effect, GOD Is Not with us. To understand where Moses is coming from we need to look at the setting of his calling. Moses came into pharaoh's court demanding that he let GOD'S People go. Pharaoh's response was a shattering no, and he placed the blame of extra work on Moses. The Israelites made Moses even more guilty by affirming the blame that comes with what he did. And it would only be reasonable for us to ask at that point "GOD, where Were YOU?". Moses asks in Exodus 5:22 why did GOD let these things happen, or rather why didn't anything happen even if Moses did what he was supposed to do?

GOD'S Response Is a reminder to Moses who is in control.  Verse 2 is GOD'S Reminder to Moses that it's not his ability to speak on behalf of GOD that will move Moses and the Israelites. It is GOD WHO Wil Move them, even pharaoh and the Egyptians. Pharaoh will let the people go because it was GOD'S Mighty Hand Moving him, not because of Moses' obedience. To us, it speaks at an even deeper level especially if we are called to witness to others. This means that it's not our words, it's not what we say or how we say it, it's not our theology or arguments that will convince anyone to see GOD. It means that it's GOD WHO Will Let other see HIM. That others will be converted not because we helped GOD along the way, but it's because HE Moved in that person to see HIM.

Why is this important? It's because in our outreach and witnessing, we will reach a point where we will feel like our words are not correct or what we know is insufficient in convincing anyone how valid your faith is. And GOD'S Response to that is to remind us that it wasn't our choice that gave us the faith we had. Rather it's the cross and what GOD Has Already Done that moves us into faith. That's not to say it's wrong to pursue a more correct theology or stronger arguments to defend out faith. The mindset however should be that we're witnessing because it's our calling as Christians and obedience shows a deep love for JESUS and The FATHER, not because we're out to collect souls for GOD.

The genealogy starting in verse 13 seems rather misplaced in this passage, but it holds a great significance: it reminds us where Moses came from and who was working through this whole experience, even after. Remember that Moses is born of the Levites, the head of which was Levi who brought judgment upon those who defiled his sister. At that point we can ask "GOD, Were YOU Really there with all this happening?". We'd think GOD Isn't Working or that HE'S Not Responding accordingly. But HE Reminds us that HE Is Doing just that. Through Levi will come Moses, who will lead the Israelites out of Egypt, whose laws will bring about the Jewish sect called the pharisees, the same ones that will call for JESUS' Blood, through which GOD Was Working to Pour the wrath we deserved on HIS SON.

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