Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Job 25 - A Mortal Can Be Righteous Before HOLY GOD Only By GOD'S Righteousness In JESUS

 Job 25:1-6 NIV


1Then Bildad the Shuhite replied:

2“Dominion and Awe Belong To GOD;
HE Establishes order in the heights of Heaven.
3Can HIS Forces be numbered?
On whom does HIS Light not rise?

4How then can a mortal be righteous Before GOD?

How can one born of woman be pure?

5If even the moon is not bright
and the stars are not pure in HIS Eyes,
6how much less a mortal, who is but a maggot—
a human being, who is only a worm!”

Chapter 25

Bildad here makes a very short reply to Job's last discourse, as one that began to be tired of the cause Job presents. He drops the main question concerning the prosperity of wicked men, as being unable to answer the proofs Job had produced in the foregoing chapter: but, because he thought Job had made too bold with the Divine Majesty in his appeals to the Divine Tribunal (ch. 23), he in a few words shows the infinite distance there is between GOD and man, teaching us,

I. To think highly and honorably of GOD (v. 2, 3, 5).

II. To think lowly and humbly of ourselves (v. 4, 6).

These, however misapplied to Job, are two good lessons for us all to learn.

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